3 Ways to Update VGA Card Driver in Windows

In a computer, all hardware has its own functions and tasks. CPU processes data, RAM to store memory, HDD used to store data, and install operating system.

Of course, VGA – The video card works to increase performance when you play games, watch movies and process photos, videos …

So how does VGA get the maximum performance out of it? Let UptoWindows.com perform 2 simple methods to install VGA drivers.

Update and install VGA driver

The first, you need to know about the computer model you are using. For example, the computer I’m using is Asus P550L.
The way to view a computer model is very simple, see the information on the stamp on the front or back surface of a computer/ laptop.

Method 1: Use the CD

When you buy a new computer, you will be provided with a CD / DVD. It will include the drivers for that computer.

How to install VGA driver by CD ?

Step 1:

Open the computer drive and insert the CD / DVD.

Step 2:

Wait about 30 → 1 minute to complete receiving disk information.

Step 3:

Select the driver you want to install, then reboot the computer for the policy to apply.

Method 2: Download the drivers from the manufacturer homepage.

Step 1:

Visit the manufacturer’s homepage to download the driver. Look for this information on Google with keywords like: driver aus p550l, driver dell inspiron 15 ….

Step 2: Access link homepage → Select Operating system → Click Download.

Example image below:

Step 3:

After downloading, turn off all task active and install it. TYou will need to restart your computer after the installation completed.

Method 3: Use feature available in Windows

Step 1: Press key Windows + R → type “devmgmt.msc


Step 2:

Select Display Adapter menu → Click right mouse Update driver

Click Search automatically for updated driver software, then follow the steps on the screen.


One thing for sure, when you buy a new computer will be providing the CD or DVD included. This’s the best method to keep your computer stable and achieve maximum performance when used. However, if you accidentally damage a CD / DVD, you can use the remaining method.

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