Access remote computer using the Remote Desktop Connection tool

Hello everyone !
Today’s article will talk about how to remote access computer remote. This action helps you reduce the time to do the work and improve the efficiency in the work.

Remote Desktop feature is available in your Windows operating system. Windows 7 and Windows 10 have similar features and you can easily do it.

Method 1: Access Remote Desktop by intuitive interface

At the Windows Start → Type ” Remote Desktop” → Click Remote Desktop Connection

Click to Remote Desktop Connection, right away Access remote windows appear on Screen. You can input IP destination you want to connect.

Later, you need input the username and password of the computer you want to connect

Method 2: Access Remote Desktop Connection by command

This method is most often used by users because of its flexibility and professionalism. Funny !

In Windows Start → Input command ” mstsc” → Enter

Similar to the above, the Remote Desktop Connection window will appear and you will perform the same connection steps.


In this article, I came up with two ways to make a connection to another computer using the Remote Desktop Connection tool built into Windows.

I hope these will be helpful to you.

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