Change Remote Desktop port in Windows Server

As you know, Remote Desktop is a feature developed and commonly used on Windows Server systems.

This feature allows users or administrators to connect to the computer with the Desktop Popup interface to support graphic operations on Windows as usual.

Remote Desktop uses the RDP protocol and listens on the default port of TCP 3389. But if you need to secure the Remote Desktop service, you need to change the default Remote Desktop port, what should I do?

Through this article, Uptowindows will show you the steps to change the default port of Remote Desktop service on Windows Server 2012/2016.

How to change the Remote Desktop port

Step 1: Open the “Registry Editor” window. ( Start →  Run (Windows + R) →  type regedit.exe

Step 2: Navigate the path to change the port value of Remote Desktop


→CurrentControlSet →Control→Terminal Server→WinStations→RDP-Tcp→PortNumber

Step 3: Select the Registry named ‘PortNumber’, right click and choose ‘Modify’.

Step 4: In the ‘Edit DWORD’ window, click on ‘Decimal’ to convert the current configuration value format into decimal format.
You enter the value of the Remote Desktop port you want to change. For example: 6969.
Finally click OK to finish changing the port for the Remote Desktop service on Windows Server.

Step 5: To access and control the remote computer, access with the address:

< hostname >: < port > or < IP address >: < port >


If you are an administrator of the server using Windows Server operating system, this will be an indispensable tip.
It helps your server prevent scanning attacks. In addition, it helps prevent unnecessary traffic.

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