How to disable notifications while playing games and watching movies in Windows 10

Notification feature in Windows, especially Windows 10 is really useful in our daily use and work.

But it is very annoying and annoying in many cases, for example when we are relaxing by watching movies,video, playing games …

It will be annoying while playing the game extremely attractive and being notified by the Windows “sabotage”.

But with a new feature called Focus Assist. The do not disturb mode on Windows 10 will let you entertain yourself without any annoying notifications.

Note that these settings only work when you play games or watch movies, videos full screen, and when you work with the application, the notification still works.

Disable notifications Windows 10 while watching videos, gaming

Instead of disable all notifications, we will only turn off notifications when in full screen mode, the rest of the other applications still receive notifications. I think that is reasonable!

Step 1: Go to Settings by pressing Windows + I key combination → Select System icon

Step 2: In the left menu appear, select Focus Assist menu. → Please scroll down and select Automatic Rules → Enable 3 options as image below

  • When I’m duplicating my display.
  • I’m playing a game (while gaming),
  • When I’m using an app in full screen mode (while watching video, clip, movie) .

During these times, it can disable notifications for a certain period of time such as rest time, playing games. For example, your time of rest from 19:00 to 21:00, you can use this option.

Exit the settings window, you will not receive any notifications while playing games or watching movies, videos …


The article details how to disable notifications while playing games in Windows 10. Activate the do not disturb mode in Windows 10 while you playing games or watching movies using the full screen.
This is a very useful feature, a lot of people have applied this way, how about you?

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