Distinguish Mbps with MBps and M /s with Mb/s.

Mbps, MBps, MB/s and Mb/s are the most frequently used units on a computer and it gets more attention when the computer is connected to the internet.
Surely you are familiar with the above units, because it is used to measure, test your internet speed is not fast? What is the download speed? Or how fast is the file copy speed on the computer? ….
But I do believe one thing, there are many people who are confused between these units and do not really understand its nature.

In this article, we will learn about these units, to avoid confusion about these basics.

Mbps, MBps, MB/s and Mb/s. The difference ?

As you can see, these two units are different only for the letters b (lowercase) and B (uppercase). However, they are two completely different concepts.

Usually when testing the network speed, the network provider usually uses the unit is Mbps (Mb / s). When you download using IDM acceleration software (Internet Download Manager), for example, it will use units as MBps (MB/s) or KBps (KB/s).
Compare MB with Mb and Mbps with MBps

1 MB: Meaning 1 Megabyte
1 Mb: Meaning 1 Megabit
1 MBps: Means Megabyte per second (aka 1 Megabyte per second)
1 Mbps: Meaning Megabit per second (aka 1 Megabit per second)

But Megabyte and Megabit are different from each other.

1 MB = 1024 KB (kilobite) = 2^10 KB
1Mb = 1024 B (bytes) = 2^10 B

We have 1 Byte = 8 bits or 1MB is equal to 8Mb.

=> 1 MBps = 1024 Kilobytes / s = 1024 * 1024 Bytes / s = 1024 * 1024 * 8 bits / s = 2 ^ 10 * 2 ^ 10 * 8 Bit.

Tips: Based on the download speed of IDM, we can calculate the network package you are using. For example, when you download using IDM. The file download speed is 2 MB, which means that you are using a network package of 2 x 8 = 16 Mbps.

Conversely, if you know how much you are using the network package, you can also calculate the maximum download speed. For example, my home use a 20 Mb network package → The maximum speed you can download is 20 Mb/8 = 2.5 MB/s.

Note: Regarding the calculation of the download speed and the network package in use is relative. Meaning it will be in that range or nearby. But it can not be 100% accurate. It also depends on the geographical location you are in and the server you are testing.

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