Fix error The disk is write protected in Windows

Whenever you want to perform format, copy/paste or delete files of a memory card or on USB, sometimes there will be a USB error message with the title: “The disk is write protected“.

Although this error does not affect the operation of the Windows system as well as the memory on SD Card or USB devices.

However, if not careful with this error, likely that the data contained in these devices may be lost.

The main cause of the error “The disk is write protected” is because the computer virus, SD Card device or USB device has not been unlocked. Also, the device is set to “read only” mode.

If you are wondering how to fix this error, refer to a few simple tips in the article below.

Fix “The disk is write protected” error

Before you actually fix this problem, you need to make sure that the device you are using is connected to the computer and that the drive letter appears on My Computer (Windows 7) or This PC ( Windows 10)

Because if the device is physically and firmware damaged, the methods below are useless.

Method 1. Fix error via Registry feature

First, open the Run window with the Windows + R quick key combination, then type the command below and Enter.

In the Registry interface that appears, navigate to the link below.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE→ SYSTEM→CurrentControlSet→ Control→StorageDevicePolicies

On the right side of the StorageDevicePolicies window, open WriteProtect and change the keyword value from 1 to 0. Finally select OK to exit the Registry.

If this value is not available, right-click and select New → DWORD, then name it WriteProtect. Then set the value to 0.

Now unplug the device and then plug it back in to see the results. Usually, this approach will fix the “The disk is write protected” error. If still not working, please refer to the method below

Method 2. Fix error via Command Prompt

First, open the Run dialog box, enter the command “Command Prompt” → Enter. In the Command Prompt interface that appears, enter the command below and Enter.


Input command: list disk to list drives available in the computer.

Next, input command: Select disk X where x is the drive number to be repaired. ( Example: Select disk G )

Finally, input command attributes disk clear readonly → Try unplugging the device, then reconnecting the device to the computer and see the results. This method is also capable of about 70% success.

Method 3. Change Read-Only status of directory, files

In some cases, when you download a folder to your computer or by accidentally setting its status in Read-Only mode. This means that you cannot perform basic operations like copying, cutting, and pasting this folder.

Therefore, you need to change the Read-Only mode to the normal mode which is quite simple implementation.
Just right-click the file or folder in the Read-Only state → Select Properties. Finally, uncheck in the Read-Only box.

Method 4. Unlock the device in use

On some devices SD Card and USB will be equipped with the function to turn off and on so if it is in a locked state, you can also copy or delete any data on this device.

Therefore, if you own this device, you need to check if it is locked or not and then plug it into the computer.


The above are tips that you can use to fix the “The disk is write protected” error. Of course, just using methods 1 or method 2 you can fix the error.

However, you should also pay attention to equipping anti-virus programs for computers or protecting USB from viruses.

Installing anti-virus software will ensure the safety of Windows computers as well as devices that are always protected from viruses on the Internet or retrieve data from other computers.

Hopefully this article will help solve your issue and if there are any other difficulties during the implementation, leave your comment in the comment below.

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