Windows Sandbox? How to Activate Windows Sandbox in Windows 10

1. What is Windows Sandbox?

Windows Sandbox is a virtual computer that comes installed with Windows 10 operating system. Whenever you need to use, just open it and can be used immediately.

Windows Sandbox is extremely useful in case you want to test strange links, visit a website with don’t trusted links, even if you want to install a piece of software that you have not really trust.

For example, if you suspect that malicious software is harmful to your computer, you can now open this Windows Sandbox virtual machine and install the software directly on this Windows Sandbox tool.

All software that you install in Windows Sandbox will have no effect on your main Windows operating system. When you close Windows Sandbox, the software and related files will be permanently deleted so it is very is useful and safe for your computer.

In summary, Windows Sandbox works like a virtual computer, but it’s only for software testing that you suspect.

2. How to activate Windows Sandbox ?

Step 1: Your computer needs to Update Windows 10 to the latest version. You can refer to the following article:

How to update to the latest version for Windows 10

Step 2: Check your computer supports Windows Sandbox function by opening Command Prompt

Then type the command systeminfo.exe into the Command Prompt window → press Enter to execute.

Virtualization Enabled In Firmware: Yes → This means that your computer can enable the Windows Sandbox feature

So if this line return a result: NO →  This means that your computer does not support virtualization or has but has not enabled the virtualization feature in the BIOS.

Step 3: Press the Windows + S key combination and search for the keyword Turn Windows features on or off → Click to open

Step 4: Windows Feature dialog box appears → select the Windows Sandbox box → click OK to activate Windows Sandbox

Activation Windows Sandbox will be completely automatic and then a message will appear Windows completed the requested changes →  Click Restart Now

You can now use this feature by typing the keyword Windows Sandbox into the Windows Start →  Open.


Activate and experiment with Windows Sandbox to ensure the safety of your computer, avoiding the danger s when you test a suspected malicious software.
I hope the article helps you!

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