How to adjust the brightness the Windows laptop

The light of a laptop screen is a factor that has a great influence on the eyes, especially for those who have to work a lot for a long time with a computer. So we need to know how to adjust the laptop screen brightness accordingly to ensure the health of the eyes.

Currently, most laptops have a default screen brightness setting for either charging or battery percentage. With times when your computer has up to 70 – 80% battery, the light of the machine is relatively guaranteed. However, when the battery is reduced to only 30-40%, you will have to lower the brightness to extend the working time of the machine.

3 method to adjust screen brightness

Changing the lighting of the screen should also be based on surrounding natural conditions. If your workplace is a direction to receive light and usually gets a lot of light or dark and receives little light, changing the screen light will follow the criteria to ensure your eyes are most comfortable and comfortable.

Method 1: Use the key combination on the keyboard

Laptops often incorporate key combinations that allow users to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen conveniently when used.

To increase or decrease the brightness by keyboard, you can use the key combination Fn + F2 / F3; F4 / F5; F6 / F7, … depending on your model Laptop

You can refer to the key to increase or decrease the brightness of some of the following brands:

  • How to adjust the brightness of the HP laptop screen: Fn + F2 / F3.
  • Adjust the screen brightness of DellI nspiron laptop: Fn + F4 / F5.
  • How to adjust the screen brightness of Lenovo laptop: Fn + F11 / F12.
  • Adjust the brightness of Asus laptop screen: Fn + F5 / F.

Method 2: Adjust the screen brightness with the command.

The Windows interface allows you to find the computer’s features quickly and easily with a simple operation. So you absolutely can apply the following steps to change the laptop screen light

Step 1: Access Start windows → type “Run” → Input “mblctr” command to Run box

Step 2: The Windows Mobility Center appear, at the Display Brightness Menu, you can adjust your Windows brightness.

Method 3: Use Adjust Screen Brightness

Adjust Screen Brightness is a customization that allows you to change the brightness screen with just a few mouse clicks. To manipulate you can follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Right-click on the battery icon under the system tray and click on Adjust screen brightness.

Step 2: Menu Power Options appear, Take a look at the bottom of the Menu, you will see Screen Brightness feature


With the above ways to adjust the screen brightness of Windows, UptoWindows hopes that the methods introduced above can help you easily adjust the brightness of the screen.

One more thing that we want to remind you is to keep in mind the golden rule to protect eyes when using Laptop: “Light – light, dark – dark”.

Hope the instructions above will help you. If you have better ways to adjust laptop screen brightness, don’t forget to leave a comment below the article.

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