How to check version/build Windows 10 – [2020 Guide]

To ensure security and provide the best functionality for users, Microsoft periodically releases updates for Windows 10. Surely you will need to know what version of Windows you are using?. The article will guide you to do that.

Check the current version of windows 10

To check the current version of Windows, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click Start window → Type ” Windows Version

Step 2: Click on System Information → You can check Version now.

In the window that appears, you will see the full information of the system. Version information you can see on the second line.


In addition to the simple view above, you can use “Winver” to view the version and build of Windows 10

Hopefully with this article you can know the version of your Windows being used. After knowing this, you can download the necessary update packages for Windows. You can refer to how to download the Windows package update offline here.

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