How to crop a photo with the Paint feature in Windows 10/7

In addition to using Photoshop, you can also use features available on Windows.

You want to cut an image, we can use Paint to do this.

The advantage of Paint over Photoshop is that it is very light, easy to use and is available in your computer.

This article will show you how to crop photos in Paint simply. Even the time to finish cutting an image is faster than the time it takes to start Photoshop.

When should we use Paint to crop a photo?

  • You want to cut the screenshot just finished, very popular.
  • Cut a certain detail in the picture.
  • Reduce the image size by removing redundant details.
  • Cut Facebook cover photo, but few people use Paint but basically, Paint still can do it.

How to use Paint in Windows

Step 1: Open Paint tool – Start → Type “Paint” → Select Paint

Step 2: Take a screenshot using the Print Screen key

Example image below

After press Print Screen key, open Paint and press key combination Ctrl + V.

If you want to crop the cat face, use the Crop tool ( Ctrl +Shift+ X) at the top of the Paint

  1. Select Crop
  2. First point the image
  3. End point the image

Step 3: After cutting, press Ctrl + C to copy the cropped area

The next, Open a new Paint tab by press combination Ctrl + NCtrl + V ( Paste)

The cropped image area will appear on the new page and save the image ( FileSave )

Of course you can also open an image for editing (File → Open)

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