How to disable Administrative Shares in Windows server

When multiple computers are connected to the network, Windows automatically creates Administrative Shares to allow remote access for various activities.
This allows administrators to effectively manage the service. In some cases, such sharing could be a potential security threat to your system. Therefore, it is better to delete Administrative Shares from Windows Server.

These specially shared Administrative Shares resources will not show in “File Explorer” or “This PC“. To view the documents, you will have to use the Share Folders tool.
This tool can be found easily in Computer Management computers. Then, to delete special shared resources and prevent automatic creation.

Method 1. Use Registry

This method is quite popular with those who have good knowledge about computers. However, when using this method, the risk is quite high if you perform the wrong operation.
Therefore, you must follow the detailed guide below or refer to the article: How to backup the Registry in Windows.

Step 1: Access Start Windows → Press key “ Regedit

open regedit windows
open regedit windows

Step 2: Next, in the Registry Editor window, navigate to the following path

→Services→ LanmanServer→Parameters→ AutoShareServer.

Step 3: The AutoShareServer registry key, must be set to type REG_DWORD → Set value to 0

Step 4: Restart your computer. Immediately afterwards, check that your computer is disabled Administrative Shares

Method 2. Use Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Run the utility, go to Security & Privacy Security Settings. Here, you can Disable Administrative Shares.


Disabling Administrative Shares on the Windows server is essential. Of course, the implementation is not difficult at all. With the above two ways, hope to help you manage your server computer well.

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