How to extract text from image in Windows 10?

When want to convey a content or message, often the author will not write, but instead they will write text on a picture, poster, banner … to easily attract the attention of readers and viewers.

The more familiar example is that comics are often more appealing to us because it can help us know what the characters in the stories look like, expressions and looks …

And often, when you want to take philosophical sayings or impressive lines on those photos to save. You can only write or take the picture again and cannot copy text in the image.

However, if you have a lot of photos, that’s not a good way. So, in the following article, Uptowindows will share with you a software with a function extract text from image. That is Photo Scan.

Introducing the Photo Scan: OCR and QR Code Scanner

Surely many of you will think of PhotoScan scanning application of Google Photos, I think so!

But actually this is a free software for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store, its full name is Photo Scan: OCR and QR Code Scanner. Photo Scan has a large number of users with more than 200 reviews , so you can rest assured to use it!

How to install Photo Scan: OCR and QR Code Scanner

Installing Photo Scan: OCR and QR Code Scanner is very simple because with Windows 10, everything becomes easier.

Step 1: Access Microsoft Store → Search with keyword “Photo Scan

Step 2:

Select Photo Scan: OCR and QR Code Scanner and click Get button

Download and installation process will be done automatically.

Use Photo Scan: OCR and QR Code Scanner

Step 1: Click Launch the application → Click Browse Photo.

There are 3 options for you to import image.
Browse Photo: Get photos available on the device.
User Camera: Shoot with Camera.
From Clipboard: Get the image you copied in the Windows 10 Clipboard.

Step 2: Find the The image you want to extract textyou need to extract text


  1. The image you want to extract text
  2. Information of image source
  3. Text content extracted from image

Step 3: Functions in the RESULT menu. The features very convenient for you.

  • Switchback to line
  • Share quickly on social networks.
  • Pronunciation feature similar Google translate
  • Save


With the application built in Windows 10. You can easily extract text from image, save time and you will not feel hassle because it is free. I hope this article can help you !

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