How to Fake IP address in computer using Windows OS

Information security when using the Internet today is always necessary for users because just paying attention to revealing some sensitive personal information will be more likely to be exploited by hackers.

So what important information should we limit or not share with anyone? Yes! It is your email account password, Facebook account, or bank information.

However, if the computer is accidentally infected with a virus or due to a security error from the operating system, sometimes hackers can still take advantage of your computer’s IP to exploit this information.

In this article, we want to share with you about tips that can help you hide your IP while using the Internet. That is the Fake IP.

Currently, Fake IP has been widely known and used. In addition to helping you surf the Web anonymously, you can also access websites that block access like Facebook when blocked or any other Web site.

What is Fake IP?

To put it simply, Fake IP is connecting a website through a Proxy Server. Server Proxy will help us hide the real IP address of the computer and replace it with a virtual IP address. Therefore, no one can know the computer’s IP address.

What are socks?

Like Proxy, but it’s better when compared to Proxy. In addition, Sock also supports other protocols such as POP3, SMTP or FPT.

  • Sock grab page: Go here to get Sock here.
  • Proxy download page: You can refer to:

After you have selected 2 appropriate information: Proxy IP and Proxy Port, you proceed to see the steps below.

How to Fake IP on Chrome, Firefox

On Chrome browser

Step 1: Go to Menu then scroll down to use, select SettingsAdvanced.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom, at the line Open proxy settings, click the arrow on the right.

Step 3: In the Connections tab, select the LAN settings button. Then check the box Use a proxy server for your LAN.
Enter the Proxy IP address in the Address section, Proxy Port in the Port section. Choose OK

On Firefox browser

Step 1: The first, click on Menu then select Options.

Step 2: Select Setting Network at the bottom → Click Setting button

Step 3: In the connection settings dialog, select the manual proxy configuration line. Enter the Proxy IP into the HTTP Proxy section and enter the Proxy Port into the Port section.

You can use Sock to Fake IP, the advantage of Sock is higher security than Proxy. If desired, enter the SOCK address in the Server section


You try to access some previously blocked websites, you will see unexpected results.
In addition, you can also use the addons available and easily add to the browser such as:AnonymoX, Best Proxy Switcher…

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