How to find product key your Windows 10 ?

Most computers today have a built-in Windows license when you buy a new computer.

This is quite convenient for users, because it will not take time to download the Windows installer on the internet, then have to learn how to install Windows again.

All you need to do is update and update. Whenever a new version is available, simply update it to the latest version.

When you feel that the Windows operating system is too slow. You can reset Windows through an available feature on the operating system to restore the computer to the new state. It is very convenient for users.

However, it is possible that for some reason Windows has not been reactivated. It may be because you reinstalled Windows, but it did not automatically reactivate your license. And it could be because you accidentally installed a different version of Windows than the factory version.

I take for example, previously your computer had Windows 10 Home license. But, when you reinstall Windows 10 Professional, you will surely lose your copyright.

Find product key and Windows version from the manufacturer

Currently, most computers have a built in license key in the BIOS, so you can access the BIOS to see the license key.

However, in this article I will show you how to retrieve the copyright key found in the BIOS and also identify the Windows version that comes with your device.

The software I will use in this article is ShowKeyPlus.
Note: The key integrated in the BIOS is only used for that device, you cannot get that key to activate for another computer. Because each key associated with each bios will be associated with the bios serial number and associated with the manufacturer’s electronic signature.

Step 1: Download the ShowKeyPlus software here. →  Download

Step 2:

Unzip the file => and run the .exe file, you will have the interface as shown below.

OEM Key: This is the copyright key saved in the machine’s BIOS (red arrow).
OEM Edition: The original version of Windows available on the device (blue arrow).

Step 3: Now that you have identified the copyrighted version of Windows built in, you just need to download the corresponding Windows installer to reinstall →  use that key to activate it again.

Step 4: After that, you proceed to reinstall Windows on the computer to the correct version. Of course, if you have installed correctly with the previous version, then just use the key found in the BIOS to click. reactivate copyright

How to reactivate license Windows 10 ?

Press Windows + I to access Windows Settings → then select Update & Security.

Next, Activate Windows →  press the Enter key →  Enter the key you found (OEM Key) into the Product key to activate.


Hopefully this article will help you find the license key for your Windows 10. My advice is when buying a new computer, should buy a machine with built-in license, will save costs and more convenient during use.

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