How to install fonts on your Windows PC?

Hello everyone !

Font is a decisive factor for drafting documents, creating beautiful fonts to insert into image files with graphics software (Photoshop, Effect…)
This article is for those who are new to computers and do not know how to install the full Font set and use the fonts available in Windows.

Fonts have many different styles such as lowercase, uppercase, bold, italic … In addition, the font is displayed in languages ​​such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese. ..
Fonts can be used in many different ways, in Microsoft Office editing software, graphic software like Adobe Photoshop …, you just need to choose the most suitable font to perform

There are 3 basic types of fonts used on Windows

  • True Type Font: Font type is high definition, clear display with all sizes big or small. This file is in .TTF format, most characters in text and printed documents use this Font style.
  • Open Type Font: A computer font style, also has a format of .TTF. Built on the basic structure of the True Type Font type, but with more complex data structures for print.
  • System Font: Is the default font type of the operating system, often used to display Menu names, titles, icons … The format of this font type is .FON.

Install fonts in Windows

You can search and download on the Internet the font you want.

You can simply copy the fonts and paste them directly into the Fonts folder of Windows.
There are 2 method to open this Fonts folder.

Method 1: Open via Windows Explorer

Step 1: Open the folder containing the downloaded fonts, select a font you want to install or select all the fonts in that folder using the key keystrokes Ctrl + ACtrl + C ( Or Click right mouse → Select Copy)

Step 2: Access to the folder C → Windows → Fonts . After that, Paste

Then, turn off the program you need to use the new font and restart it, you will be able to use the new Font

Method 2: Open via Control Panel

The copy and paste is similar to the above method. However, this guide helps you open the Fonts folder in a different path.

Access Start → Control Panel → Appearance and Personalization – Fonts


With the simple guide above, I hope I can help you install fonts for Windows for your work.
These posts are not very professional, but that’s what I know and if you feel happy and meaningful about that, please share this article. Thank you.

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