How to pin hard drive to the Taskbar in Windows 10

The taskbar is the area that displays applications / software, Windows system information such as network connection, sound, time, calendar … In addition, for Windows 10, the Taskbar also allows you to pin icons of software, so users can use them more quickly and flexibly.

The Windows taskbar is very handy, you can quickly open the frequently used software without searchingor open it outside the Desktop or Start menu, just pin it to the Taskbar.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to pin folders to it. Of course, in this article I will show you how to pin a drive, a folder on the taskbar in Windows 10 and Windows 7!

Pin a hard drive partition to the Taskbar in Windows

Everything has a solution, the problem is the method.

Step 1: First, open File Explorer with the Windows + E key combination and locate the drive you want to Pin it to the Taskbar of Windows 10.

For example, I choose drive D

Step 2:

Right-click on the hard drive → Select Create Shortcut menu → The system will notify to create Shortcut at Desktop → Click Yes

Step 3: At the Desktop, you will now see a shortcut with the drive icon on Windows 10 and the name of the hard drive partition you have just selected to create shortcut.

Next, right click and select PropertiesShortcut tab → Input “explorer” on before D: \ as the picture below → Apply

Step 4: If you want to change the name, right click and select the Rename menu → Right click then after select Pin Taskbar → Done.

Exit all folders and test open your hard drive by clicking on the icon just pinned at the taskbar.


How to pin any hard drive partition or folder to the Taskbar in Windows 10 and Windows 7? So there was an answer. You can do the same for the folder.

A small trick but extremely useful and easy to perform, easy to use. If you find it interesting, don’t forget to rate this article, share it for everyone to know.

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