How to prevent users from installing software in Windows PC ?

In order to prevent the possibility of malicious programs from infiltrating your computer or possibly others installing software on your computer without your consent.
Great ! In Windows operating systems there is a feature that allows you to prevent others from installing software, of course you do not like that.
It is very simple with some settings available on the system, without the need for other supporting software, we have the right to disable the ability of others to install the software on the computer.

However, by default this feature has been disabled on Windows systems and we need to enable this feature. The following article will show you how to prevent others from installing software on Windows computers.

Prevent others from installing software with Group Policy

Step 1: Firstly, We press keystrokes Windows + R → After input key “gpedit.msc” → Enter


Step 2: In the Local Group Policy Editor interface, we access the directory path as shown below.

Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsWindows Installer

Take a look at the image above, select to Menu “Turn Off Windows Installer“, double click on it and the options panel will appear ( Step 3)

Step 3: The Turn off Windows Installer interface appears → Check the “Enable” and “Always” option → Click Apply button

As a final step, restart your Windows computer. Then you try to install any software, whether it is successful or not?

This way, others will not be able to install the software on your computer. Windows Store applications can still install rewards. To revert to the old settings, follow the steps on the Enable switch to the Not Configured setting.

So when someone installs the software on your computer, you will receive a notification and can not continue the installation. This will limit a number of cases affecting the system when strange and dangerous software enters the computer.

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