How to update to the latest version for Windows 10

Microsoft is constantly releasing the latest versions for Windows 10. Updates will be released to users worldwide

However, if you want to experience the latest version quickly, you absolutely can “speed up” this work.

Note: Upgrading is an irrevocable process, so you should create a temporary backup before updating, you can get your data back if there is a problem during the update

How to update version Windows 10

There are 2 methods to update Windows 10. However, the update depends on network speed and computer configuration. So, choose the appropriate method to proceed with Windows 10 update.
I recommend using the method 1, because the method 2 often encounters an error between the update process and it is very difficult for you

Method 1. Use feature: Windows Update

Usually these updates will automatically install after shutdown or restart the computer.However, there are some exceptions you will need to manually manipulate.You do the following

How to: StartSettingWindows UpdateDownload or Check for Update

Click Download and install now

Once completed, this new version will download and install automatically, this process will take quite a while (About 20-30 minutes). Advice is that you should restart your computer again.

If you use Windows Update but the device does not see the update, it is most likely caused by being blocked by Microsoft because the new version is not yet compatible with the hardware or software configuration on your computer.

Method 2: Update Windows 10 by tool : Update Assistant

If your device is compatible with a new feature update but having trouble using Windows Updates, try the Update Assistant tool to update Windows 10

How to:

Step 1: Access link address: Update Assistant

Step 2: Click Update Now button

The file Windows10Upgrade will be downloaded

Step 3: Double click in Windows10Upgrade file.

This is not a setup program, so the program will be appear immediately.

Step 4: Click Update Now

Step 5: Click Restart button.

This process will not take too much of your time.

Step 6: The Update Assistant will then download the installation file, application, and most of your settings. Using this method may take about 1 hour or more, depending on Internet connection and hardware configuration on the computer.

You can check the progress updating Windows 10 by run Windows10Upgrade file again. If the message appears as the image above is that your computer has successfully updated Windows 10.


The article has given 2 methods to update to the latest version of Windows 10.

You can safely use your computer without worrying about security issues. However, my recommendation is that you should install Antivirus program.

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