Keystrokes shortcut useful in Windows without to use a mouse

Have you ever been interested in Windows keyboard shortcuts? How would you feel if your actions on Windows were only using keyboard shortcuts?

This will be great because you can “Professional” a lot more when using the computer, shortcut keys also help you manipulate faster on the computer from which the work efficiency is also significantly improved.

Why should you use keyboard shortcuts on Windows?

Windows shortcuts will help you manipulate things like opening My Computer, Command Run, Close Tab, Turn off the computer, … and many other great actions. Therefore, if you do not know how to use keyboard shortcuts, it is probably a pity.

Useful keyboard shortcuts to know in Windows

Windows, Ctrl, Alt associated with the keys to create shortcuts.

  • Alt + F4 – Close the window appear immediately
  • Windows + D – Minimize all currently displayed windows and return to the Desktop screen.
  • Windows + E – Open My Computer ( Windows 7) or This PC ( Windows 10)
  • Cltr + Alt + Delete – Open Task Manager – Tool monitoring performance PC
  • Shift + Delete – Delete permanent file. Restrict use of this shortcut because after deletion you will not be able to recover the document.
  • Windows + Tab – Switch screen
  • Ctrl + Scroll Mouse – Zoom in or out of images, browse
  • Open a similar window – Ctrl + N
  • Ctrl + F – Search
  • Close a window in My Computer – Ctrl + W

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