What are the function keys from F1 to F12?

In this article I briefly explain what the function keys from F1 to F12 are for.

If you were sorry that the F1 to f12 keys are only used to fill in a space or you have no idea why it exists, here you will learn how to get a little out of it.

The function keys basically include 12 shortcuts whose objective is to speed up the work we do every day on our computer.

The first thing you should know is that these functions will give different results depending on the program that is being used at the time or if you are using a Windows or an Apple computer.

Using the function keys

Let’s start looking at some examples:

F1 – In a practically universal way, this key is used to open a help window in the program or application that is currently open.

F2 – Allows you to rename a file you have selected. So from today you already saved a right click

F3 – If you need to find a phrase or word within the content of a program, here is your solution. Since this key allows you to open the search box of the program you are using.

F4 – With the help of the «ALT» key it will allow you to close a window

F5 – When you are browsing the internet and a page does not display correctly, you must update it and this is where the usefulness of this key appears: update a page.

F6 – When you are browsing the internet and need to change url, this key sends you to the address bar so you can easily change it.

F7 – This key will help you when you are using a word processor, since pressing it opens the spell check box.

F8 – Pressing it after starting windows allows you to enter safe mode.

F9 – It is very helpful and has a lot of variation in terms of programs, for example: updating a document in Word and allowing to send or receive mails in Outlook.

F10 – Activates or displays the menu bar if it is not. If you combine it with the shift key you will get the same options as if you pressed the right mouse button.

F11 – It is used to make the open browser window appear in full screen.

F12 – When you are working in a browser, it is especially useful to take a look at the HTML code of the page.

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